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Russian and Polish soldiers fighting (Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons)

Russian and Polish soldiers fighting (Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons)

Just a quick note.  Don’t want to pummel anyone kind enough to visit this site.  But for those of you who use Facebook, I’ve set up an author page on Facebook and here it is:




Tamar Levine

July 2, 2012 § 6 Comments

ImageAs you might know, I’m very partial to the work of fashion photographer Tamar Levine.  Breaking news is that Tamar is one of this year’s finalists for the Vogue Magazine/RedX/Bottega Veneta photography prize, NEW EXPOSURE!

This year, she also received the “Young Guns” award from the Art Directors Club, an international prize given annually to “fresh talents” under the age of 30.

It’s the last day for voting!  If you’re on Facebook, please, now, go “like” Tamar’s work at:

Click the “New Exposures” link.  Register for their app to “like” her work.

Or just follow the instructions she’s posted on her blog.


Favorite Clothes From Long Ago

April 26, 2012 § 4 Comments

By Jacqueline Austin

Thank you, Sarah R. K!

Primavera (Allegory of Spring) by Botticelli

A form-fitting navy blue felted wool coat with embroidery tape trim down the front.

A friend’s crimson, boat neck raglan sleeve waist-length pullover–it looked like an inverted triangle, very pretty.

Navy sailor pants, with big 4-hole buttons.

A red, fairly tight tiny-plaid cotton shirt.

Let’s see. For Halloween I was a Supreme–I teased my waist length hair into a fro and wore a shiny, long, clingy halter dress with a lurid yellow plaid pattern.

And in summer, a sleeveless halter wrap dress with a pattern of faded green leaves.

A 5 year old high waisted pair of Lee bell bottom jeans, worn to utter softness. I embroidered all the patches (there were more patches than cloth) with personally relevant symbology. A friend craved the jeans so badly I gave them to her for her birthday.

A silk velvet dress from the 30s, many sizes too big, neither violet nor deep blue, but something in between.

A tiny handbag from the 20s, made of tiny metal plates, enameled in a deco pattern, with a bronze chain.

An ankle-length silk dress, so dark green it was almost black, with a long, quilted, blue, Chinese, silk jacket.

A stiff, cotton, two piece dress from the 60s, fragrant from ironing, to be looked at (not worn), with a rust on harvest gold squiggly pattern on the shirt, and the same pattern, in gold on rust, on the voluminous, starched, skirt.

Shoes: Three inch strapped platforms. Which kept me up in the air of New York.

Hair: Waist length. Tiny braids down the front, sometimes with ornaments woven in. Or often looped up in back, and the whole mass secured with an oversize barrette.

Copyright 2012 by Jacqueline Austin.  All rights reserved.

Jester (Fool)

Red Dot Film

March 4, 2012 § 4 Comments

A Red Dot

Our story begins at the North Pole.

A red dot arrives.  We zoom up a hill.

Eskimos see the dot and point to it.

Their heads all turn at once–the dogs’ too.

The dot lifts a Cessna.

It makes flight strong.

It pushes Chaplin into a fold-up bed.

In a tin shack, it fills wrestlers with force.

The red dot takes on a disastrous aspect.

It makes a girl throw a boy away.

It makes snow blow into an air force tracking station.

Soldiers grab their guns and shoot at it.

It smothers New York.

It covers the graves.

It emanates klutz music from my past.

It makes my dreams weep into the frame.

There are titles and songs.

The Eskimos laugh.

What is happening tomorrow?

Our story ends.  “The End.”

Copyright 2012 by Jacqueline Austin.  All rights reserved.

Treasure Island: Communication Arts Prize!

February 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Our iPad app for kids, Treasure Island by cyberiais featured in the Communication Arts Interactive Annual #18!  (Category: Entertainment.)  The feature is available in print and online.

Here’s the link to the online feature:

We’ve received recognition for making one of the top interactive applications of the year.

Here’s the graphic from the e-mail they’ve sent out, advertising the annual:

Communication Arts Ad, Interactive Design #18

The portrait of Long John Silver, scowling down at you from the middle right, is by Will Miller, cyberia design partner.  I adapted the book and did sound design.

Richard Levine (cyberia‘s principal) headed our team, and Taran Reese did programming.  We collaborated on interactive design and on creative.

The annual will be available on March 12th.

Here’s a link to the video preview of Treasure Island by cyberia:

And to our company website:

Links to the iTunes store are available from both the preview and the website.

And here’s a link to Communication Arts, if you’d like to subscribe:


December 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

Akrotiri dolphins. Fresco from the excavations at Knossos. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Just posting thanks to everyone who’s following my site–whether you’re reading, commenting or just visiting.

xx Jacqueline Austin

A Forgotten Drawing

December 12, 2011 § 3 Comments

By Jacqueline Austin

I just found out that a long-forgotten drawing of mine is in the Yale University art museum collection.  I was googling another artist, a friend who died ten years ago, and found this drawing along with his work.

This was just a student piece.  One day the art teacher came to me when we were drawing in class, and asked, “Can I have this one?”  It had no value to me and I said yes.  He asked me to sign it and I said, “Why?”  He said, “Because that’s what artists do.”  He took the drawing.

I didn’t know what he did with it!
This might be my only student work which survives.  My dad died during my senior year in college.  I was freaked out (this drawing actually was made right after the funeral–I had mononucleosis and was trying to catch up with schoolwork and money).  After graduation, I left all my belongings with a friend, who somehow vanished, leaving my things to be scattered among strangers.

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