22 Date Palm Way – LA Indie Film Festival

August 7, 2013 § 1 Comment

22 Date Palm Way Poster

22 Date Palm Way will be shown at the LA Indie Film Festival on Friday, August 23rd (Short Film Program).  Tickets available now (click link).

22 Date Palm Way – Screenings & Website

See you there!



22 Date Palm Way

June 9, 2013 § 3 Comments

Twenty-two Date Palm Way from Tamar Levine on Vimeo.

Latest from cyberia media.

“twenty-two date palm way”
directed by tamar levine (tamarlevine.com)
produced by cyberia media (cyberiamedia.com)
young woman: franki falkow
man: steven bruns
little girl: hazel downer
old woman: juliette wheal
production company: cyberia media
director: tamar levine
producer/editor: richard levine
writer: jackie austin
dp: brian o’connell
composer: bruce chianese
second camera: huy doan
wardrobe/props: tashina hunter
makeup: hinako murashige
hair: erin patterson
grip: samantha zachrich
pa: estelle srivijittakar
pa: jeremy levine
clothing provided by: simply vintageous
special thanks to beth lamure
and milton santiago

The Little Engine That Could: Cyberia Media

May 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

Our media company is chugging along, like the Little Engine That Could.

We’ve just won yet another award–the GDUSA American Web Design Award, for the redesign of the RSA Conference Website.

Up and down, over hill and dale, through the murky swamps of recession, over the tall mountains of technological development and into the misty fog of looming purple prose… the little train moves forward.

Inside the train, the passengers gather at the windows, listening to the rhythms of its progress.  From the caboose they watch the white puffs of cloud which follow in their wake, dissipating in the sun.  And from behind the engine, they look forward, determined that the vehicle they are in, will deliver media today… not seeing that to some, it is the train itself, which is the hero.

The little train moves forward… out from the fog, down into town.  Into the blazing day.

GDUSA Announcementhttp://cyberiaismedia.blogspot.com/

cyberia media is a design and digital media studio focused on the business of content and creativity. Founded in 1993 by director/artist Richard Levine (The Smiths, Nike), cyberia media has worked for some of the largest brands in the world. It is a company known for its intelligence and visionary creative, as well as its ability to tell a client’s story in all media for audiences of any size.

The Great Cipher

March 19, 2012 § 3 Comments

Richard just posted an online version of The Great Cipher, the opening film I wrote for this year’s RSA Conference.  The original appeared on a 140 foot triple screen–it’s a lot more beautiful than this internet version.  

RSA is the company which invented the algorithm which allows internet security; the convention, held annually at the Moscone Center in SF, is attended by 25+ thousand people from around the world.  Keynote speaker was Tony Blair.

Here’s the URL:

Treasure Island: Communication Arts Prize!

February 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Our iPad app for kids, Treasure Island by cyberiais featured in the Communication Arts Interactive Annual #18!  (Category: Entertainment.)  The feature is available in print and online.

Here’s the link to the online feature: http://www.commarts.com/interactive/cai12/treasureisland.html

We’ve received recognition for making one of the top interactive applications of the year.

Here’s the graphic from the e-mail they’ve sent out, advertising the annual:

Communication Arts Ad, Interactive Design #18

The portrait of Long John Silver, scowling down at you from the middle right, is by Will Miller, cyberia design partner.  I adapted the book and did sound design.

Richard Levine (cyberia‘s principal) headed our team, and Taran Reese did programming.  We collaborated on interactive design and on creative.

The annual will be available on March 12th.

Here’s a link to the video preview of Treasure Island by cyberia:


And to our company website:


Links to the iTunes store are available from both the preview and the website.

And here’s a link to Communication Arts, if you’d like to subscribe:


The Colonel’s Bequest

December 17, 2011 § 13 Comments

The Colonel's Bequest (Box)

By Jacqueline Austin     One of the first character-driven games for electronic media was designed, co-written and co-created by, well, me.  It’s enjoying a bit of a comeback these days.

I thought I would post some of the links to sites which mention this game.

I don’t like it when people pirate my work, particularly when I didn’t get paid enough in the first place… but there’s nothing much I can do about it.  Sierra seems to have abandoned this game, and it’s their proprietary right to keep it in play–or not.

Colonel’s Bequest Links

The Colonel’s Bequest Wiki

Youtube Review of The Colonel’s Bequest

WN Fansite: Colonel’s Bequest Reviews, Videos, Trivia

SierraChest Colonel’s Bequest Website

Youtube Live Play of The Colonel’s Bequest

DOSBOX Colonel’sBequest.net

Gamefaqs Page of The Colonel’s Bequest

Abandonware Download of The Colonel’s Bequest

This game had international notice, and was said to be a pioneering game.  It was a cover feature in Computer Gaming World.  I researched the game in New Orleans, and had a great time interviewing the old ladies in the local historical societies.  Sierra wanted to do a game which would bump up their take on the mystery genre (their first game had been Mystery House).

It wasn’t an easy job.  I traveled many times to Oakhurst, California, to help invent things such as a palette of night colors which could translate into VGA, CGA, and EGA.  (I had to temporarily to switch from my beloved Macs to a Dell PC.)  A design document had to be written in Sierra’s proprietary language.

Some of this process was a lot of fun… other parts of it were tedious and painful.  Anyway, thought I’d just mention the game on this site.

Please post more links, if you find them!


Copyright 2011 by Jacqueline Austin.  All rights reserved.

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