We, The Losers Of The United States Of America…

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One of the more irritating consequences of Pantsuit Nation’s loss early this month is, there’s been a lot of yucky badinage about us losers. “We won, dodohead,” is what I’m hearing. “Nyah nyah, eat my border wall, you stupid libtard.”

Well, uh, okay, thou dignified Emperors of Win. Here is what Alexander Hamilton had to say in 1775 about people like us snowflakes, idiots, SJWs, cucks, or whatever term of nasty art you may deem us so-called losers to be:

The origin of all civil government, justly established, must be a voluntary compact, between the rulers and the ruled; and must be liable to such limitations, as are necessary for the security of the absolute rights of the latter; for what original title can any man or set of men have, to govern others, except their own consent? To usurp dominion over a people, in their own despite, or to grasp at a more extensive power than they are willing to entrust, is to violate that law of nature, which gives every man a right to his personal liberty; and can, therefore, confer no obligation to obedience. –Alexander Hamilton, The Farmer Refuted, 1775

As Trump has so far grasped at a more extensive power than we are willing to entrust, he may soon have to face some civil disobedience. To the extent that he does a power grab, for example, to deport the “dreamers,” spend $25 billion on a xenophobic border wall, de-equalize our people, destroy our health via denial of health care and destruction of the environment, and keep whatever other hideous campaign promises that demonstrate provable inconsistency with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by all Americans, he will certainly have to face more dire political consequences than a mostly courteous lecture to Pence at a really patriotic show.

Last I looked, we the people (all of us) hold these truths to be self evident…

That all men (all of us) are created equal. That they (we) are endowed with certain inalienable (even for aliens) rights. That these rights include Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (check, check and check, new Administration, or you are in trouble).

If the so called winners don’t uphold these values, they may find themselves next time to be the recognized losers, and I pray that when they are in that position once again, we treat them as respected equals.

If ever they do decide to step up, though, everyone will be so very nice to them. Really. Part of being a libtard is knowing how to recognize any new ideas that are, um, good.

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Trump’s Conflicts of Interest

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ivanka-trump-bracelet-2016-11-15Conflict of interest is a very polite term to use for a refusal of a President-elect to step away from his financial holdings. It is way too polite a term for someone who refuses to refrain from making his family the center of his transition team, no matter how very right the reasons might feel to him to be. This issue surrounding Mr. Trump and his family has come into very sharp relief in the past couple of days. I won’t even get into how hypocritical it is for this man to claim to be rooting out corruption in DC, when he’s spent his week taking it to a whole new level. Let the facts speak for themselves.

On Monday, Ivanka Trump’s company used the occasion of Trump’s 60 Minutes interview, his first big meeting with the press, to shill her $10,800 gold and diamond bracelet to the American public. Well, to the rich American public, the part of the American people her father wishes to please.

This week, too, Mr. Trump requested national security clearance for his entire family. Four kids, their spouses, dogs and cats too I guess. Trump likes to talk things out and maybe the Presidency might be too demanding unless he can discuss the issues of the day with folks he really trusts–dozens and dozens of people who weren’t elected, have no role, have no experience even if they did and have conflicts of interest almost as egregious as Trump’s.

This week Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, billionaires in their own right, became trusted members of Trump’s transition team. Kushner’s ventures include real estate (he’s being sued by people at one of his buildings about sewage leaks); the New York Observer (he just shut down the print edition), and a health insurance company that is now, according to VANITY FAIR, bleeding money , but soon–if Mr. Kushner helps his dad shut down Obamacare–might well perk up.

Meanwhile, the Old Post Office Building in DC opened just down the block from the White House. It offers 263 luxury rooms and a spa designed by Ivanka to all the diplomats and eminences who will be coming to town in the next four years. Should people who stay at Trump hotels and live in Trump buildings, play at Trump’s golf courses, and do business with Trump be promised a ginormous tax cut?

Also this week, Ivana Trump, Ivanka’s mom and Trump’s first ex wife, said she wouldn’t be at all averse to being named our ambassador to Czechoslovakia.

I don’t remember anyone’s agreeing to a sacral monarchy here in the USA. That Trump was elected president means that he, and only he, comes into office–not his kids, not his business cronies, not his ex wives, not governing by divine right and certainly not his and his children’s profit making machine, which is already grinding overtime to take advantage of their great new business opportunity, the White House. If Mr. Trump cannot divest himself of his obviously greater interests–his financial and family interests–he should resign before he takes the oath of office.

In all fairness, these are not yet appointments to the administration. Really, Trump can appoint his dog to be chair of the transition team. But nepotism and cronyism are regulated as soon as Inauguration Day rolls around.

Someone whose financial and family interests become hazardous to security, to governance and to the funding supplied to government–taxation–has no place taking office in what was still, last time I checked, a democracy.

Banana, anyone?

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PS Latest news: Ivanka and Kushner have just removed themselves from the security clearance list. Whew–that’s two. But I still would like to be a fly on the wall at Thanksgiving Dinner at the Trump Tower this year.

Founding Fathers & Mothers

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Today I bring you something special–official certification of a few founding fathers and mothers of our country. They are all under acknowledged; their status may be declining once again on January 20th, 2017. So let’s give a little shout out to a few folks who might today be turning in their graves.

Thank you, Founding Fathers!

Thank you, Founding Mothers!

More to follow. I promise.


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Women’s March On Washington 1/21/17

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plenty-sister A huge inclusive march for women’s rights will take place in DC from 10 AM to 5 PM on the day after inauguration–with support marches already organized in 16 states and counting. Volunteer opportunities, car pooling, transportation and other logistics are being organized right now.

So far, over 121 thousand people have stated interest in the national march, on its Facebook page. Tens of thousands are projected to join marches in their individual states. So far, 39 states and localities are planning to join the main march or support it with a local march; the number is rapidly rising.

The planned route in DC starts at the Lincoln Memorial and finishes at the White House.

Info: Google The Women’s March On Washington with the name of your own state.



Staying Free #2: STAND TOGETHER

November 12, 2016 § 2 Comments

whitepowerIn the five days since Trump was elected, incidents of petty harassment and vandalism against minorities have soared. White students have been harassing African Americans. Racist slogans and images have been painted or etched on minority owned buildings.

Yesterday a friend of mine called, very upset. Earlier that day, two of her Asian American friends had been harassed. One was shopping in a ritzy supermarket. A nicely dressed Caucasian lady approached her to shout, “Get out of my country. Go home.” The other friend of a friend was in Chinatown. I don’t have all the details. But she was told–quite imaginatively I think–to go suck a pipe in her opium den. And maybe die.

The harassment itself was shock enough. But worse than the immediate shock was the horror of immediate betrayal. It is a fact that–each occurred in a crowded area–not one person stood up to comfort the victim, speak out against the harassment, or notify the management that something out of the ordinary was going on.

Please, do NOT ever let this happen. Maybe you can’t prevent people from acting crazy once. But you can certainly take steps to see that they don’t act crazy twice. And victims can leave these situations, if shaken and disturbed, also heartened that this is still America, the land of the free.


TAKE A PHOTO. Get names, phone numbers. Write down the facts.

SPEAK OUT. If it is not safe to speak out, find management or authorities.

COMFORT VICTIMS. Make sure they’re okay.

If you’re into visible signals, WEAR A SAFETY PIN. This has been adopted as a “safety” sign for protesters against harassment of minorities.

If Trump were to unify our country as he said in his victory speech, he would have long since held a press conference. He would have said to his followers, “We’ve won. Chill the eff out.” Since he hasn’t done that, we have to. We need to document these incidents. Send documentation to our local and state governments, and friendly people in Congress, if the Federal government majority is absconding from its contracted responsibility for the social wellbeing of our citizens.

The good news is that Trump’s election has only brought out bad feelings that were already here. The bad news is that if we don’t step up, this is hardly going to be the worst of it. The best news is that now we see who’s talking like this, we can take steps to change. It all starts with standing together, against wrong.

Our children are watching.

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Muggles and Mugwumps

November 11, 2016 § 1 Comment


Albus Dumbledore

In 1884, a group of moral-minded Republicans (called “Mugwumps,” from the Algonqian word for “war leader”) split from their party to support Grover Cleveland, a Democrat, in his run for President. Their own candidate, James Blaine, had gone to the dark side after a long and illustrious, but also very checkered, career.

And hmm, today there’s a Supreme Mugwump in fiction: Albus Dumbledore, the wizard–Harry Potter’s mentor. Dumbledore guides Harry in his early battles against Voldemort, only to be fired when the Ministry of Magic rejects his warning that Voldemort has returned and that he is here now.

Both kinds of Mugwumps will be critical in our fight for freedoms under a President Trump. We need to look at those Republicans who could have voted Dark but did not.

Our Mugwumps today include George W. Bush, Bush senior and Barbara Bush, Mitt Romney, John Kasich, Colin Powell, Michael Bloomberg, several ex RNC chairs, and Sally Bradshaw, author of the famed (but ignored) 2012 GOP “autopsy” report. These Republicans were revolted by Trump’s campaign promises and felt he was not fit to lead the United States. I assume they still feel this way. Can we use that?

Some of us are in this world to create magic, and we must create magic, or die. We must continue to fight the Dark Lord even when we believe we have lost.

In this dark time, for those in despair, don’t despair. Work. Choose your battles and time them well. Our own Supreme Mugwump has yet to be identified. Let’s look for those who believe in using our considerable powers for good–no matter what kind of Mugwump they happen to be. Let’s learn, and bide our time, and find more allies, no matter where they might be, even if we must be cautious of their previous record. We must not hide while Voldemort arrives, even if he is scary.

There is good in this world and there is magic. And we are here to do it under any circumstance, and every day. 

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Staying Free #1: NO TORTURE

November 10, 2016 § 1 Comment


Vomiting and Screaming in Destroyed CIA Waterboarding Tapes–BBC

The last time we had a Republican president, we trumped up the huge and idiotic mess of the Iraq war, under the false rationale that Saddam Hussein was using weapons of mass destruction. Then, we tortured captives.

This torture was not initiated by the citizens of the US. Nor was it approved. It was a secret then. But it’s public knowledge today. If we let torture happen under Trump, it’s on us.

True Americans accept the rule of domestic and international law, and promote as much transparency and humanity as can be sanely  and safely allowed, even with prisoners and enemies. It’s our job to get good intel in legal ways–ways that don’t make us evil and stupid. Torture is one of those investigatory methods that’s been proven not to work, aside from being reprehensible to the point of inhumanity.

Here’s what Trump promised about torture back in February:

“OK, folks? You know, I have these guys — ‘Torture doesn’t work!’ — believe me, it works. And waterboarding is your minor form. Some people say it’s not actually torture. Let’s assume it is. But they asked me the question: What do you think of waterboarding? Absolutely fine. But we should go much stronger than waterboarding. That’s the way I feel. They’re chopping off heads. Believe me, we should go much stronger, because our country’s in trouble. We’re in danger. We have people that want to do really bad things!”
It’s true that we’re in danger. It’s also true that there are people who want to do really bad things. Torture is one of these really bad things. It is vengeance, pure and simple. Let’s not become our own worst enemy. Torture is never okay.
Here are some laws we follow about torture:
INTERNATIONAL: International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Article 7 (ratified by USA, 1992)
And here’s a Wiki link to how disgustingly we acted last time a sitting President condoned, and even encouraged, torture:
Please actively support H.R. 3332, now under consideration by the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations. Write to the members of the committee, especially to the Republicans. Encourage your friends who live in their states to write to them, too.
We can never again allow torture in our name. Despite Trump’s vow to waterboard accused terrorists, it’s on each of us to prevent this.
NOTE: This article was written quickly; please correct it if you have better info. Thanks.
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