A Battle Of Wills CoverA Battle Of Wills

How Leni Riefenstahl And Frank Capra Fought A War With Film And Remade History

Cyberia Media Press, 2013


As America enters the second World War…
A famous Hollywood director takes on an adventurous Nazi artiste…
Each working against time, to invent a new science of propaganda–with film.
Each fighting to win the hearts and minds of the Axis and the Allies.

From the Nazi rallies at Nuremberg, to the training halls of the US Army, the world stands watching, as the war plays out in the first great media arena in history.

Who will win this war in film–the woman who speaks for the empire builders, or the man who speaks for the people?

Which will triumph–the poetic, passionate Nazism of Leni Riefenstahl, or the plain, folksy democracy of Frank Capra?


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