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Jacqueline Austin came home to writing after trying many other things.

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She has enough fancy credentials to sink the Titanic, including books, media, articles and films, for venues from the New York Times to the Getty Museum.  In these hard days she thought she’d best return to playing and exploring.  This site includes upcoming projects and personal milestones, as well as current work.

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Angel Child (Pocket Books, 1996)

Angel Child, Pocket Books (Nonfiction book, 1996)

Getty Museum: Short films on art and crafts, including Casting Bronzes, Furniture: The Inlay Technique of Marquetry, and Making Maiolica (Short films, 1990s)

Great Wall, Great Love: Feature film (2011)

Pulitzer Prize semi-finalist, features (1980s)

Cyberia logo (Art by Will Miller)

RSA Conferences. Screenplays and other creative collaboration for Cyberia Media: “Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword” (2012); “Giants Among Us” (2011); Rosetta Stone (2010); Alan Turing (2009); Edgar Allen Poe (2008)

Still From Treasure Island (Art by Will Miller)

Treasure Island: Creative, narrative, interactive design and sound design for iPad app retelling the classic tale by Robert Louis Stevenson (2010)


LA Indie Film Fest 2013, 22 Date Palm Way

Communication Arts prize 2012, Interactive Entertainment, Treasure Island By Cyberia

The Colonel’s Bequest: Creative design, including story, art and interactive, for a pioneering computer game franchise (Sierra, 1989-90).  Computer Gaming World cover feature 1990.

Pulitzer nomination: Feature Articles, Village Voice