Muggles and Mugwumps

November 11, 2016 § 1 Comment


Albus Dumbledore

In 1884, a group of moral-minded Republicans (called “Mugwumps,” from the Algonqian word for “war leader”) split from their party to support Grover Cleveland, a Democrat, in his run for President. Their own candidate, James Blaine, had gone to the dark side after a long and illustrious, but also very checkered, career.

And hmm, today there’s a Supreme Mugwump in fiction: Albus Dumbledore, the wizard–Harry Potter’s mentor. Dumbledore guides Harry in his early battles against Voldemort, only to be fired when the Ministry of Magic rejects his warning that Voldemort has returned and that he is here now.

Both kinds of Mugwumps will be critical in our fight for freedoms under a President Trump. We need to look at those Republicans who could have voted Dark but did not.

Our Mugwumps today include George W. Bush, Bush senior and Barbara Bush, Mitt Romney, John Kasich, Colin Powell, Michael Bloomberg, several ex RNC chairs, and Sally Bradshaw, author of the famed (but ignored) 2012 GOP “autopsy” report. These Republicans were revolted by Trump’s campaign promises and felt he was not fit to lead the United States. I assume they still feel this way. Can we use that?

Some of us are in this world to create magic, and we must create magic, or die. We must continue to fight the Dark Lord even when we believe we have lost.

In this dark time, for those in despair, don’t despair. Work. Choose your battles and time them well. Our own Supreme Mugwump has yet to be identified. Let’s look for those who believe in using our considerable powers for good–no matter what kind of Mugwump they happen to be. Let’s learn, and bide our time, and find more allies, no matter where they might be, even if we must be cautious of their previous record. We must not hide while Voldemort arrives, even if he is scary.

There is good in this world and there is magic. And we are here to do it under any circumstance, and every day. 

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