November 10, 2016 § 3 Comments

dam_breaking  To me, this is a time for creating a new list of priorities and figuring out how to accomplish them against now massive odds. I feel it’s a time to bring together people who have common cause, and to identify and neutralize true enemies even if we have to act a little crazy to do so.

My first priority is to try to help head off what would be a disastrous alteration to climate change policy. This, like many of Trump’s weaker policy beliefs, is not something for which if you’re wrong, you can apologize and move on. Trump and Giuliani could be drowning the same as any other New Yorker when the ice caps melt and the subterranean pumps fail. So climate change. Nothing to be lost by moving forward to control it and to uphold a legally sanctioned international treaty. Nothing to gain by refusing to develop and use better kinds of energy.

Second is health care as a lot of us can actually lose our lives, or the quality of our lives, if this goes south.

Of the same priority as health care, are human rights up and down the spectrum. We are supposed to be a beacon for human rights. If we are Americans, this is written into our social contract. Human rights allow us to be our best selves and to find common cause with people who are different from ourselves.

The planet, life, liberty and the possibility of pursuing happiness. If a President won’t uphold these, then we must make him do so, circumnavigate him, or impeach him. I don’t see any other legal options.

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