The Horror, The Horror: Post Election Post

November 9, 2016 § 1 Comment


MAD Magazine, of course

Those of us who experienced pure horror last night, election night in the USA, please listen. We have about 20 seconds to mourn and then we need to get moving. If we take a week or two to sit around in stunned disbelief, this is a week or two of allowing our rights to fall away, our international stature to be threatened, our health care to become even worse than it is now.

My condolences to all, and that means all, our citizens. My condolences to Hillary Clinton for losing a fight she (and we) believed she’d won, for not getting to implement a platform that would have done good. Condolences to Trump for winning…he is in over his head. He has hurt and insulted too many people for us to suddenly believe any conciliatory message, even though we might hope for one. Condolences to his supporters, who will not become a whit more powerful or a coin richer from the policies he has so far outlined. Condolences to our nation and to the world.

Condolences to women, to immigrants (all of the USA), to people of color and people all along the spectrum of gender. Condolences to the people our country might hurt via climate change, bad trade policies, and denial of entry.

Rest assured that we are strong. If we are stepped on, we will rise and fight. We will not quietly and sadly give up our rights. We will not become one with the heart of darkness. We will not go gently into that good night.

Listen to Clinton’s concession speech. Stand together. Work together. Respect our differences. Have strength in our convictions. Our best days are ahead of us if we keep heart and if we act.

-Jacqueline Austin c 2016. All rights reserved.


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  • nicolajbs says:

    Absolutely Jackie! I almost big through my lip at my aqua class this morning when women were blithely saying “so long as he doesn’t mess with my social security I’m all right” and “As long as it’s God First, I’m OK with it.”

    We all need to step up and look at what’s at the root of the fear and hatred of having a woman president and start to deal with it.

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