A Battle Of Wills

February 5, 2013 § 4 Comments

A Battle Of Wills

A Battle Of Wills CoverMy first ebook, A BATTLE OF WILLS, is up and live on Kindle!
It’s an exploration of media during World War II–the fight (via propaganda) between Leni Riefenstahl and Frank Capra.  Riefenstahl’s Triumph Of The Willa depiction of the Nazi rallies at Nuremberg–launched the public image of the Third Reich as a modern day Roman Empire.  Ten years later, Frank Capra’s Why We Fight series showed the Allies as earthy populist heroes, urging Everyman and Everywoman to take the conflict personally.
This is my first foray into ebooks.  I’m hoping that 2013 will bring the publication of several more ambitious books than this one, but I have a soft spot in my heart for “A Battle Of Wills.”  In its original form, it was one of my first pieces of scholarly yet popular writing to be published in a book (Artistic Strategy And The Rhetoric Of Power, David Castriota, ed., Southern Illinois University Press).  I was still a student when I wrote the first version.  All these years later, though, I’m still fascinated by the subject and am happy and excited to share it with you.

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