The Little Engine That Could: Cyberia Media

May 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

Our media company is chugging along, like the Little Engine That Could.

We’ve just won yet another award–the GDUSA American Web Design Award, for the redesign of the RSA Conference Website.

Up and down, over hill and dale, through the murky swamps of recession, over the tall mountains of technological development and into the misty fog of looming purple prose… the little train moves forward.

Inside the train, the passengers gather at the windows, listening to the rhythms of its progress.  From the caboose they watch the white puffs of cloud which follow in their wake, dissipating in the sun.  And from behind the engine, they look forward, determined that the vehicle they are in, will deliver media today… not seeing that to some, it is the train itself, which is the hero.

The little train moves forward… out from the fog, down into town.  Into the blazing day.

GDUSA Announcement

cyberia media is a design and digital media studio focused on the business of content and creativity. Founded in 1993 by director/artist Richard Levine (The Smiths, Nike), cyberia media has worked for some of the largest brands in the world. It is a company known for its intelligence and visionary creative, as well as its ability to tell a client’s story in all media for audiences of any size.


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