Favorite Clothes From Long Ago

April 26, 2012 § 4 Comments

By Jacqueline Austin

Thank you, Sarah R. K!

Primavera (Allegory of Spring) by Botticelli

A form-fitting navy blue felted wool coat with embroidery tape trim down the front.

A friend’s crimson, boat neck raglan sleeve waist-length pullover–it looked like an inverted triangle, very pretty.

Navy sailor pants, with big 4-hole buttons.

A red, fairly tight tiny-plaid cotton shirt.

Let’s see. For Halloween I was a Supreme–I teased my waist length hair into a fro and wore a shiny, long, clingy halter dress with a lurid yellow plaid pattern.

And in summer, a sleeveless halter wrap dress with a pattern of faded green leaves.

A 5 year old high waisted pair of Lee bell bottom jeans, worn to utter softness. I embroidered all the patches (there were more patches than cloth) with personally relevant symbology. A friend craved the jeans so badly I gave them to her for her birthday.

A silk velvet dress from the 30s, many sizes too big, neither violet nor deep blue, but something in between.

A tiny handbag from the 20s, made of tiny metal plates, enameled in a deco pattern, with a bronze chain.

An ankle-length silk dress, so dark green it was almost black, with a long, quilted, blue, Chinese, silk jacket.

A stiff, cotton, two piece dress from the 60s, fragrant from ironing, to be looked at (not worn), with a rust on harvest gold squiggly pattern on the shirt, and the same pattern, in gold on rust, on the voluminous, starched, skirt.

Shoes: Three inch strapped platforms. Which kept me up in the air of New York.

Hair: Waist length. Tiny braids down the front, sometimes with ornaments woven in. Or often looped up in back, and the whole mass secured with an oversize barrette.

Copyright 2012 by Jacqueline Austin.  All rights reserved.

Jester (Fool)


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