To Your Hair

December 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

For Mary Dunn, At Chemo

Bye for now to the DNA record!
You’ll find something good to be said for that:
No evidence will be here tomorrow,
The record will be clean and clear.

Bye for now to the wedge cut of the skater,
The blue afro of the happy masquerade,
The short cut, sensible and pretty, bye and

Wave to the comb-out and the wash,
Flip off the thousand strokes and the repeated tease,
Some time is saved, some honored and shampooed, now

God be with the strand derived from skin, god bye
Toss away the bobby pins, and say
Hello, hallow to skin!

For here is the goddess,
The goddess and doctor,
The silken stylist of the soul,

Here in the strand that breathes away
Release to its hold on beauty and pity
Here in the soft skin over skull and brain

The sutures newly seen, the embryo
Here in the bald as only a baby can be;

You were pretty and we loved you dearly and daily
And now you are maybe no more
In the bald moment of truth

Though maybe you are

Soft swansdown, soft, soft strand
Awaiting birth and hello
To potentiality

Making one what was, what is and what will
Be not a bad hair day, not a no hair day, but
Someday, what may be

Copyright 2011 by Jacqueline Austin.  All rights reserved.


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